Psychotherapy | A Practice Dedicated to Transition

reinventing a career path
reinventing a career path

Navigating a major change in your life is not accomplished in a vacuum. One of the greatest challenges to successfully doing so is to simultaneously keep your head above water with your other roles and responsibilities. My goal is to help my clients maintain a basic quality of life in ALL their roles when the seas get rough. I do this by taking a measured approach that focuses on both emotional and functional aspects of life in order to help my clients see the way forward.

The spirit of my psychotherapy is integrative in nature. I draw on a range of theoretical perspectives incorporating insight, motivation, learning, and action.

Although everyone’s journey is unique, my own major life changes: moving to a different country and transitioning from a career in Silicon Valley to a Doctorate in Psychology, inform my understanding of the complexities of transition and reinvention that others experience. My background uniquely positions me to understand the inevitable pressures and expectations that have become so common in our work and personal lives.

In my psychotherapy practice I have one overarching goal; to help clients begin the process of feeling in control of their lives and to function more effectively within the parameters of a new circumstance. I help my clients accept and embrace life’s moments of transition and become active participants in the opportunity to redesign their lives.

I know that for many clients, schedules, other responsibilities or location can make attendance at regularly scheduled sessions a challenge. When appropriate, for select clients I offer sessions conducted via HIPAA compliant videoconferencing (audio and video).

loss of spouse/single parenthood
loss of spouse/single parenthood


  • Caregiving for elderly or dependent adults
  • College to career transitions
  • Career changes and career reinvention
  • The third chapter: empty nests & retirement
  • Relocation and adjusting to new coordinates/cultures
  • Adapting to illness or injury for you or a loved one
  • Adjusting to loss/moving beyond grief
  • Injured athletes adjusting to no play
  • Plotting a new course after break-up or divorce

As a clinical psychologist, I am also qualified and trained to treat mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and adult ADHD, that can develop during the course of major life transitions.