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adjusting to life as a committed couple
adjusting to life as a committed couple

Before Your First Appointment

I’m available for a brief telephone consultation, (15 minutes or less,) to determine if my services are a fit for your needs. Prior to coming in for your first appointment please print, review and fill out appropriate portions of the forms listed below. Please read – but do not sign – the informed consent document until we have had a chance to review it together in our initial appointment.

If you are unable to read, print and fill out these documents prior to our first appointment, please plan on arriving 30 minutes early in order to complete the forms prior to the appointment. Having these forms completed ahead of time minimizes delays in treatment.

What to Expect

Psychotherapy is a process we embark upon together. One of the strongest predictors of ‘success’ in therapy is the trust and rapport you have with your psychologist. It’s important to feel comfortable with the person you choose, whether you choose to work with me, or another therapist. It isn’t easy to know that up front, or in your initial session. The best suggestion I can offer is to be open, and give it a little time to unfold prior to making conclusions.

The work I do with clients varies based on their specific needs and circumstance. However, I’m very pragmatic. I want to know that in addition to offering a supportive environment in therapy my clients gain new perspectives/insight and learn helpful and effective means of managing their life transitions. Consequently, we work together in session, and I ask that my clients practice therapeutic skills outside of and in between sessions. This takes a commitment of both time and effort in the form of regular attendance in sessions and work towards goals outside of session. We all lead busy lives, so regular attendance may vary from person to person. The point is that among the many roles you maintain, it is important to commit a portion of your time and energy in therapy, so as to achieve the change that you seek.


First Appointment
The initial appointment is typically longer, (75-90 minutes,) than subsequent sessions as we get to know each other and take care of administrative matters. In this session I will review the forms you have filled out, discuss concerns and develop goals for our work together as well as discuss administrative matters such as confidentiality, cancellations, payment and preferred scheduling. At the end of this session I will provide treatment recommendations/goals and discuss the expected duration of treatment, as well as work with you to establish a plan for attending that fits your schedule.

Subsequent appointments
After the initial session, ongoing sessions are 45-50 minutes long and scheduled on the consistent basis that we established in our initial appointment. Consistency in attendance is very important for building trust and rapport and achieving goals for therapy.


In some cases, we may be able to conduct sessions via HIPAA compliant videoconferencing. This can ease the challenges faced by clients in balancing schedules and other responsibilities with the need for their own therapy . However, videoconferencing is not for everyone and requires initial face-to-face meetings to determine appropriateness. If this is of interest to you, please download, print and thoroughly read the Videoconferencing Consent and Contract below.


Psychotherapy Consent and Contract
Psychotherapy Client Information
Electronic Communications Policy
Financial Agreement and Terms
Authorization to Release Information
Privacy Practices Notice
Videoconferencing Consent and Contract