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is this normal, or dementia?
is this normal, or dementia?

Before We Meet

Prior to scheduling your evaluation I’m available for a brief telephone consultation (up to 15 minutes) to determine if my services are appropriate for your or your loved one’s needs. I will clarify questions you may have and provide you with an estimate of time needed for the evaluation.

Once it is determined that a neuropsychological evaluation is appropriate I will ask that you print, read and fill out the appropriate forms listed below. I will go over which specific forms you will need when we make the appointment. Please read – but do not sign – the informed consent document until we have had a chance to discuss this on the day of the evaluation. It is beneficial to have medical records prior to evaluation, so you may need to sign a release allowing me access to these prior to the appointment.

What to Expect

Neuropsychological Evaluations consist of an in-person interview and standardized testing. The interview (1-2 hours) helps me to understand how you are functioning and to get to know you in the context of your life.

I ask questions to understand a little about your background, physical, cognitive and emotional state, and current functioning. In some instances I may ask for collateral contact with family members/loved ones who often provide information helpful for the evaluation.

Standardized testing primarily involves written tests that are similar to brain teasers or puzzles. Many people find them interesting or even fun. Time needed for testing ranges from 2-5 hours. After testing concludes I will score your tests and interpret the results, incorporating information from our interview and your medical records. The end result is a report that presents a comprehensive picture of your strengths and weaknesses and makes recommendations for your life moving forward. The report typically takes two to three weeks to complete, after which there will be a follow up session to review the findings, recommendations, and answer your questions.

The Night Before/Day of Evaluation

In a Neuropsychological Evaluation, it’s important to be at your best, so please arrive well rested and eat properly prior to coming in. Because the evaluation may take half or more of a workday, I recommend that you bring water, a snack, and any medications you might need to take during the time of the evaluation. Bring eyeglasses or other assistive devices with you. Also, please bring a comprehensive and legible list of current medications with you, including dosages. (Alternatively, you can bring in all current medication bottles.)

Please make arrangements for transportation to and from the evaluation should you be unable to provide your own transportation.


Neuropsychological Evaluation Consent
Neuropsychological Evaluation Client Information
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Neuropsychological Evaluation Collateral Consent
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